New Intelligent Crawling

By Dixon Jones November 25, 2010

We think we have won the “mine is bigger than yours” debate. Now we want to not just crawl faster, but also smarter. Continue reading

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Where’s the fresh crawl data?

By Dixon Jones November 25, 2010

we are working on a new version of the fresh crawl data to be launched in January 2011. Continue reading

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Index Update – nearly 2.9 trillion unique URLs

By Alex November 23, 2010

We have updated our main backlinks index that now contains nearly 2.9 trillion unique URLs. :)Continue reading

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New Developer Platform Launched

By Dixon Jones November 19, 2010

Sneaking it on on a Friday is unusual for us – but we’ve been itching to get this live.

This afternoon we are announcing a new MajesticSEO API developer platform which will allow programmers to look at all the API commands and play with the technology. If you want to dive right in and look at what we have, start at to see the main commands… Continue reading

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Introducing Clique Hunter

By Dixon Jones November 9, 2010

Inspired by Aaron Wall’s Hubfinder tool, we felt that with Yahoo’s API looking a little shaky and with our deeper data set, we could create something that would be especially helpful to SEOs. We proudly introduce Clique Hunter.

Clique Hunter seeks out domains that link to multiple sites within a vertical. You can choose up to ten sites, which compete with each other over a given keyword… Continue reading

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