Introducing Clique Hunter

By Dixon Jones November 9, 2010

Inspired by Aaron Wall’s Hubfinder tool, we felt that with Yahoo’s API looking a little shaky and with our deeper data set, we could create something that would be especially helpful to SEOs. We proudly introduce Clique Hunter.

Clique Hunter seeks out domains that link to multiple sites within a vertical. You can choose up to ten sites, which compete with each other over a given keyword… Continue reading

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Index Updates now with increased frequency

By Dixon Jones November 3, 2010

New Update of 2.7 URLs. Continue reading

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Second Index Update This Month

By Dixon Jones October 18, 2010

This afternoon we have been able to launch our second index update this month. The new index is a little short of 2.7 trillion URLs.

We are delighted that we have been able to continue updating with this increased regularity. Bringing down the turnaround time will be a major advantage for SEOs and agencies who want to be able to confidently report back to their clients more than once… Continue reading

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New Majestic SEO Website Highlights

By Dixon Jones October 14, 2010

If you are opted into our Newsletter (via your options panel) or on our Webinar you will already know that MajesticSEO launched a new website on Monday. I wanted to let you know more about the new site and the opportunities it opens up for you and for majestic… Continue reading

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Introducing The Technology Behind Our New Website

By Steve Pitchford October 14, 2010

Now that we’ve launched our new website we decided to write a few words about the technology behind it.

To squeeze some technical terms in as an executive summary, we have moved from PHP to a Perl/mod_perl/Catalyst solution.

Catalyst is a Web Framework, written in the Perl Programming language. mod_perl allows Perl code to run embedded in the Apache webserver, providing a great deal of… Continue reading

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