Introducing The Technology Behind Our New Website

By Steve Pitchford October 14, 2010

Now that we’ve launched our new website we decided to write a few words about the technology behind it.

To squeeze some technical terms in as an executive summary, we have moved from PHP to a Perl/mod_perl/Catalyst solution.

Catalyst is a Web Framework, written in the Perl Programming language. mod_perl allows Perl code to run embedded in the Apache webserver, providing a great deal of… Continue reading

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Full Majestic SEO Session At Pubcon

By Dixon Jones October 10, 2010


We are delighted to have a whole session at Pubcon in November. Pubcon Las Vegas is the world’s largest conference dedicated to Webmasters interested in Search engine optimisation and Internet marketing. We want to make the session instructive and enlightening – so we have entitled the session “using Majestic SEO to the Max” and have invited two… Continue reading

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Webinar: Introduction to MajesticSEO Free Tools

By Dixon Jones October 7, 2010

You Tube version (New Window)

Yesterday saw our first Webinar. We had around 50 attendees live, with some on large monitors in offices. Others arrived after the event, due to a mix up between GMY and BST for which I can only apologize. With half the audience going arriving at the earlier time, I was damned either way. In any event, I have decided to… Continue reading

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Index Update: 4th October – 2.6 Trillion

By Dixon Jones October 6, 2010

In all the effort that we are putting in to the new site design (available to view in beta), we reported the new index update on the main site but I am only just getting around to posting it here – for any of you using RSS feeds to keep a track of updates. I hope you won’t mind the slight delay there!

The new update was… Continue reading

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Importance Of A Sound Link Building Strategy

By Dixon Jones October 4, 2010

This post is written by Anthony Young Director of Search Engine Optimization at

Anything in life worth having requires time, attention, and dedication.  Usually there are no shortcuts – a few noteworthy exceptions being the very lucky, the criminally-minded, or the insane geniuses among us.  When it comes to SEO and link building, the same holds true.  I’m reminded of one of my favorite cartoon strips growing up… Continue reading

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