Using Clique Hunter Part 1

By Dixon Jones December 30, 2010

Clique Hunter helps you find the links that your competitors are using to get their rankings. This presentation has sound, although you can follow the presentation in full screen mode without sound if you prefer.

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Using Clique Hunter Presentation

By Dixon Jones December 23, 2010

Last month’s webinar showed users how to use Clique Hunter – but the recording was not very satisfactory. Therefore I have put together this Using Clique Hunter presentation.

If you like this layout, let us know and we will look at using this method to develop other tutorials along similar lines.

(ADDED: Part 2 is now here)

Other tutorials are available… Continue reading

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Christmas Q&A Webinar – Your Only Chance is Live

By Dixon Jones December 18, 2010

On Tuesday, Majestic SEO will have a free Christmas webinar which will be on a Q&A basis.

We have some questions lined up to put to the system’s creator – Alex Chudnovsky and you will be able to add your own questions or find out more about Majestic SEO and how you can use our system now and in the future to really get to know.

Here… Continue reading

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New Index Record: 3 Trillion URLs Found

By Dixon Jones December 14, 2010

Recrawling 300,000,000 urls every day and we STILL increased the index size to an all time high. Continue reading

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MajesticSEO on the International (GoKarting) Circuit

By Dixon Jones December 13, 2010

On Saturday, the team hit “Birmingham Wheels” Go-karting for their Christmas team event. Continue reading

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