Google’s Strongest Backlinks

By Dixon Jones January 24, 2011

We took a quick snapshot of Google’s own backlinks, which we thought would interest some of our Geekier readers. Continue reading

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Majestic SEO Powers the new Linkdex engine

By Dixon Jones January 24, 2011

Extremely on the ball SEOs may have noticed that Linkdex is relaunching this week. Back in November, when Majestic SEO sponsored a session at Pubcon, John Straw from Linkdex created quite a storm with the promise of a fantastic new CRM system for SEOs and Link Builders. Well that’s going live this week and here’s a tip… If you follow @linkdex on Twitter they send you an automatic… Continue reading

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Why are Majestic Backlink counts Bigger?

By Steve Pitchford January 14, 2011

We have had a few support calls asking us why our backlink counts are different to other providers and search engines. The purpose of this post is to explain the potential difference in link counts.

Firstly and most importantly, most of the major backlinks providers and search engines run their own crawler. Our crawler is independent of the others, and has its own set of rules ( algorithms )… Continue reading

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Index Updated With Freshly Crawled Data

By Alex January 12, 2011

We’ve updated our index today with freshly crawled data – it now includes full crawl for 2010. Our crawling system is now recrawling a lot of URLs, so you should be able to see more fresh December 2010 crawl dates on backlinks: URLs with higher ACRank get recrawled more frequently.

We’ve also revised calculation of ACRanks to have better distributions, you can see new thresholds in our updated Glossary… Continue reading

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Using Clique Hunter (Advanced)

By Dixon Jones January 5, 2011

A powerful step by step strategy to find the ideal link candidates for any given key phrase. Continue reading

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