Which Report Is Right For You?

By Dixon Jones May 30, 2011

I noticed over the last few days that we made our backlink referring domain graphic a lot prettier. Below is the graphic today for Search Engine Watch:

Referring domain chart for Search Engine Watch

Much prettier! The chart just shows the top five referring domains, but drilling down in the Top Backlinks report… Continue reading

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Adhood.com Beats Google, Facebook and Twitter

By Alex May 26, 2011

Adhood… who? That’s what we thought when our software developer working the on Majestic Million project noticed adhood.com rapidly advancing up the ranks of well established domains. Today they have become #1 .COM by number of referring domains.

We were surprised as much as you are now! We tend to pay attention to artifacts like… Continue reading

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Link Building Secrets Presentation

By Dixon Jones May 20, 2011

Here is the presentation I just gave at SASCon.

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Majestic Million

By Dixon Jones May 19, 2011

Today we are proud to announce the Majestic Million. This is a new way to rank websites based on how other sites see them.

Majestic Million is useful as:

* An easy way to quickly assess the relative importance of a website
* An international metric, as we crawl from all over the world
* A sign of trust
* A way to see changing patterns over time… Continue reading

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How SEOMoz Forced Us To Innovate

By Dixon Jones May 19, 2011

Hats off to SEOMoz. They have loads of great content and loads of links. Majestic SEO competes with their Open Site Explorer product and whilst we honestly believe that our root data is now stronger and more nimble since we launched our fresh index, they have always been a worthy and noble competitor. This is the story… Continue reading

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