Christmas Countdown 8th Dec: A Site’s Best Back Links

By Dixon Jones December 8, 2011

This short video shows how subscribers (Silver and above) quickly see any competitor’s strongest backlinks – day after day. Even silver users can check up to ten URLs every hour.

More tomorrow. Or check the other Christmas video tips this month.

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Christmas Countdown 7th Dec: Back Link History Checker

By Dixon Jones December 7, 2011

This is one of our most popular tools. Possibly our MOST popular free tool – tracking several competitors over time.

For other videos, check out Majestic’s Youtube channel

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Fresh Index Opened Up For Free Users

By Dixon Jones December 7, 2011

Today we are letting ALL users get full link data for their own sites from our Fresh Index. Previously – whilst everyone could see the LINK COUNTS to any site for free, non-paying users could only get reports for their own sites from the historic index. Now – by default – all reports will be on the Fresh Index although all users will be able to switch back to the… Continue reading

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Christmas Countdown: Find Any Site’s Strongest Pages

By Dixon Jones December 6, 2011

When you look at a site, how do you know which page is the one that people link to the most after the home page? It’s simple in Majestc Site Explorer.

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Historic Index Update

By Dixon Jones December 5, 2011

Today we have updated the Historic Index. Whilst you should generally use the FRESH index for day to day analysis, because this data contains the most up to date and current links, the historic index remains by far our largest Index as it

Historic Index

contains historical data going back over more… Continue reading

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