Majestic Gives Away A Million – A Majestic Million!

By Steve Pitchford December 25, 2011

As it is Christmas Day, Majestic SEO is releasing data on the top one million websites in a Creative Commons sharealike license, downloadable CSV file, allowing web users to create derived works and research  (subject to attribution). The files are available at the end of this post.

Majestic SEO launched Majestic Million on May the 19th, and it has caused ripples of interest from time to time, and… Continue reading

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Christmas Cracker 24: Free Treat From Majestic SEO

By Newsroom December 24, 2011

You are just going to have to wait till Christmas day to open your presents! But in case you were wondering what Majestic has put under the tree, here’s our final video in the Majestic Christmas countdown.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Majestic, and a Happy New Year!

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Christmas Cracker 23: Not Getting Enough Backlinks?

By Newsroom December 23, 2011

Need to analyse more domains? Not getting enough backlinks?

There’s a solution for that :)

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Christmas Cracker 22: Subscribe!

By Newsroom December 22, 2011

To see all the new enhancements with Majestic SEO when they are released, and receive the occasional free upgrade, subscribe to our newsletter!

You can also subscribe to our YouTube videos at

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Christmas Cracker 21: How To Spot How Many Sites Are On The Same Sever

By Newsroom December 21, 2011

Use this tool to see if all of a site’s links are coming from the same server or server farm.

If they are, the links may be from other sites controlled by the same company!… Continue reading

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