The Fun Way to Buy and Sell Links

By Dixon Jones October 12, 2012

Think you can spot a winner or a loser on the Link acquisition trail? Well now you can put your (virtual) money where your mouth is by playing the new link based trading game, from the stables of Dom Hodgson – best known for running the Thinkvisibility and Leeds… Continue reading

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Case Study: How to Remove a Google Penalty with Majestic SEO

By Mel October 9, 2012

It’s exactly a month since I joined Majestic SEO as their Brand Ambassador in the US, and not a day goes past when I’m not made aware of just how fantastic this company is.

While I was being courted for the role, I canvassed many industry people privately, asking them what they thought and why. The response was unanimous that what Majestic had built was very special… Continue reading

Historic Index Update

By Alex October 9, 2012

We now have the Historic Index Update and it now contains link data all the way from 15 Feb 2007 to 16 Sep 2012. The vital statistics as of today are:

Unique pages crawled: 385,898,973,684
Unique URLs: 3,960,346,968,255… Continue reading

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Why Majestic?

By Chloe October 8, 2012

Over the last year or so, the link intelligence market seems to have developed. Until you start using a tool, it’s not always easy to see the real points of difference. The things that differentiate Majestic are far more than cosmetic. Here are 5 of them.

Our data goes back over more than 5 years

Majestic search engine has been crawling the web since late 2004, with the… Continue reading

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How crawler issues can affect your SEO

By Dixon Jones October 3, 2012

At SMX East in New York yesterday, we had a near full house for the SEO Metrics session. Here is the presentation.

The short summary:
Check your site can handle the bandwidth, otherwise you are NOT optimised for search! Continue reading

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