Development Recap in 2012

By Dixon Jones October 27, 2012

At Pubcon, in Las Vegas, we had a sponsored session in which we recapped the main Majestic developments of Majestic over 2012. If you are following our fortunes, there will be very little new to you here, but if you are one of a growing number of people that maybe tried us 3 years ago and are… Continue reading

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5 reasons Flow Metrics® are stronger than PageRank®

By Dixon Jones October 25, 2012

I was asked in the comments of a recent post whether it we could get Google’s PageRank ® for any given URL. Pulling Google’s number would probably be against their terms of service, but we would not want to do this anyway. Since we crawl the web independently of Google, we have our own data and arguably we could do the Google PageRank algorithm on our data and work… Continue reading

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New Webinars & Training

By Dixon Jones October 23, 2012

Sempo/Covario Webinar

On Thursday, Majestic SEO will be contributing to a SEMPO Webinar titled: “Link Assets and Link Liabilities. This is being jointly presented by ourselves and Covario with it’s new technology brad – RIOSEO. It is free to SEMPO members and non-members alike. Just sign up here.

Third Party Training Courses

Majestic SEO has noticed a growing number of companies providing offline training which incorporates Majestic as part… Continue reading

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Can Majestic SEO call the US Election?

By Dixon Jones October 22, 2012

There is more than one way to do a poll.

The US  Presidential elections… according to the Gallups and the Yougovs are swings and roundabouts or neck and neck… but link domain stats suggest a landslide win for…

Well read on…

Some time back, Majestic SEO found a great correlation between links to a political candidate’s official page and the result. Well something really… Continue reading

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Fresh Index Approaches 200 Billion

By Dixon Jones October 22, 2012

A quick look at the Fresh Index stats over the weekend showed (at the time) a Fresh Index with 188,575,337,745 unique URLs. Since the index is updating most hours these days, the numbers will be different by the time this blog hits your screen.

We are not quite at the 200 billion, but the improvements in index size are more than skin deep. Now we have better insight into… Continue reading

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