Search Kingdom Podcast on Disavow and Penalties

By Dixon Jones December 26, 2012

We have a very interesting Search Kingdom podcast lined up for Thursday 28th December, to give you something to listen to between Christmas and the New Year. No hint of carols we promise! Instead we have a case study of a manual link penalty getting lifted with a combination of hard graft, Majestic SEO and Google’s new Disavow tool.

&nbsp… Continue reading

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Set MajesticSEO up as a Search Engine in Chrome

By Dixon Jones December 19, 2012

MajesticSEO as a Search Engine in Chrome

Whilst I was setting up the new Backlink Analyzer Extension in the Chrome store last week I noticed that you can easily… Continue reading

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Use Majestic SEO within Facebook

By Dixon Jones December 16, 2012

Site Explorer in Facebook

Today we are announcing a new Facebook App which lets you start your Majestic SEO journey directly from our Facebook page.

The new functionality embeds a special version of our Site Explorer toolbar into Facebook, so that you can type in your search directly from there instead of having… Continue reading

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Chrome Backlink Analyzer

By Dixon Jones December 15, 2012

A Free Backlink Analyzer Extension for Chrome. Available free from the Google Chrome web store. This official Majestic SEO Chrome Extension embeds lightning fast Flow Metric™ data into your browser experience without interruption. Now you can see baclink details for any URL without leaving the web page. Further deep analysis is only a click away. Continue reading

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The Importance of Trusted Data

By Dixon Jones December 10, 2012

Irony? The writing was on the wall.

Recently, Google blocked a number of SEO tools from using their AdWords API subject to a “review” which – for many tools – will never be passed, crippling them moving forward. Whilst the AdWords API is designed for PPC tools, SEOs use the data to help plan their… Continue reading

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