Majestic SEO Link Profile Fight Tool – Tutorial [Video]

By Newsroom August 27, 2013


The Majestic SEO Link Profile Fight tool is a fun tool that can be found on our website. It allows you to choose two sites to compete and then compares the Flow Metrics of these sites side-by-side. link profile pic

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The difference between root domain, subdomain and URL level explained

By Nicola Carey August 23, 2013

In Majestic Site Explorer and reports, users have the opportunity to look at sites on the root domain, subdomain or on the individual URL level. In this post we’ll be looking at what these different terms mean and why you might want to be able to analyse sites on these different levels.

Reports and Site Explorer queries taken at the root domain level will return results for the whole… Continue reading

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Clique Hunter Tutorial

By Newsroom August 21, 2013

During our Site Explorer release, we indicated that we may have launched some other functionality not mentioned in that post. By way of a further clue, here is a tutorial on “Clique Hunter”. This tool finds Co-citation between cites. In other words, it can find authority cites within any vertical, by finding domains that link to multiple sites within that vertical.

Welcome to the Majestic SEO Clique… Continue reading

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Free training at Majestic SEO

By Nicola Carey August 19, 2013

majesticseo-logo-black-white-mediumAt Majestic SEO, our customers’ satisfaction is a high priority so we now are offering live, web based walkthroughs of our system for anyone who currently has a good internet connection and a free, or above, Majestic SEO subscription.

To take advantage of our offer and to schedule a walkthrough please contact with your name, location and a preferred… Continue reading

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The Missing Link Webinar

By Dixon Jones August 19, 2013

Later this week, we will be teaming up with RioSEO for a joint webinar:

The Missing Link – Role of Link Analysis and Content Marketing in Tomorrow’s SEO

As search engines continue to penalize poor link building techniques what is a marketer to do when it comes to proper link analysis and how can they avoid becoming a casualty of the war against link spam?

Join Dixon Jones, of… Continue reading

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