OpenApps Directory

OpenApps tools are built both internally and by other organisations and extend the functionality of Majestic’s data. If you have any paid subscription, you are able to use any of the tools below, although we do not support ones that are not directly built by Majestic.

You control access to your account, including the ability to revoke access for any tool, when logged into your account, here. That is also the location to find support URLs for thrd party applications.

Listed in alphabetical order…

  • advanced web rankingAdvanced Web Ranking offers a full suite of high quality SEO tools which you can connect to your Majestic SEO account for a more powerful range of data.


  • link risk  LinkRisk a penguin removal tool, offers you cutting edge analytics to let you know how valuable or risky your links are. Bringing the best of link prospecting and risk management, LinkRisk offers a one stop solution to getting to know your links better.


  • chromeMajestic SEO Chrome Plugin is brought to you by the Majestic SEO development team. This Chrome plugin allows for one click Majestic SEO insights while you surf the web.


  • firefoxMajestic SEO Firefox Add-on is also brought to you by the Majestic SEO development team. This add-on for Firefox allows one click Majestic SEO insights while you surf the web.


  • google driveMajestic SEO for Google Drive created by one of our Ambassadors – Francois Goube. This template allows you to quickly track and visualize your competitor’s link building efforts and share them with your peers via Google Drive.


  • remove em  Remove ‘em is a US based Penguin tool which helps you to uncover and remove bad links.


  • gadgetexcel  SEOgadget for Excel was developed by Builtvisible. Unlock the incredible capabilities of tool provider data from Majestic SEO, aHrefs, Mozscape, SEMrush and Grepwords directly within Excel using the SEOgadget for Excel.


  • seotoolsSEOTools for Excel was built by Niels Bosma. SEOTools is an Excel plugin that adds a bunch of useful functions for working with SEO and other web metrics directly in Excel. SeoTools has an extensive integration with Majestic SEO that allows you to retrieve data directly in Excel using your Majestic account.


  • url profiler  URL Profiler is one of our newest OpenApps, developed by Gareth Brown. It is a powerful content and link auditing tool, available for both Mac OS X and Windows. The tool quickly retrieves a comprehensive array of data for each URL and domain you enter – including link metrics using the Majestic SEO OpenApps API. URL Profiler can process thousands of URLs at impressive speeds, allowing you to make decisions faster and more efficiently.


Want to see your tool featured here? Well, if you’ve got a great idea for your own OpenApps tool and want help getting started, then find out more about our OpenApps development route! You can also learn more about how to create an OpenApps tool on a budget or get in touch with our support team.

We look forward to hearing from you.