New Index and New Way to Track Them (23rd July 2010)

By Dixon Jones July 23, 2010

Majestic SEO’s index has just updated again. It is now 2.2 Trillion URLs, and the really observant amongst you may spot that we are accelerating speed of updates (last month we had updated it twice). We are quite pleased about that, after upgrading our index processing servers to super computer standards.

We know that for some of our customers, knowing when we update our index is a critical part of their own work cycle, so we have set up a specific blog category for updates, with its own RSS feed at so that you can use this to easily see when the last update was recorded on the blog. Please note that I do not blog in line with the development team, so if it is critical to your processes, you may be better off investigating the full API – which includes a way to poll when a site’s data has been updated. For us mere mortals, though, this feed should help us communicate the updates in a reasonably timely manner.

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