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Christmas Cracker 15: Get your own site data for FREE

By Dixon Jones December 15, 2011

You don’t need to give us money to see all your own site’s link data. You can get this free by uploading a verification file. Here’s how… Continue reading

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Christmas Cracker 14: See EVERY Back Link

By Dixon Jones December 14, 2011

Although many system report back-link counts, most (including Google’s Webmastertools) do not let you download them all. With Majestic’s advanced reports we can give you every backlink in our index – either current (fresh)data or our historical index, going back for more than five years. Including deleted links!

This video you will want to watch… very… carefully… ;)

Having this much data can be daunting, so in… Continue reading

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Christmas Cracker 13: One for all Developers

By Dixon Jones December 13, 2011

Are you a developer? Here’s an easy way to integrate Majestic SEO into your Apps.

More tomorrow! Look out for another nice code coming soon… Continue reading

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Christmas Cracker 12: Need More Links Than Site Explorer?

By Dixon Jones December 12, 2011

Many people get the paid account and just use the Site Explorer day in, day out. That’s cool – but you get way more links and detail when you get a standard report:

Just another Christmas Cracker Tip. See the others

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Christmas Countdown: 11 – Check Hundreds Of Domains At Once

By Dixon Jones December 11, 2011

Sometimes comparing a few link profiles just isn’t enough. Want to compare a whole vertical? Want to compare hundreds? You’ll want our Bulk Backlink Checker. See how:

Try the bulk backlink checker here

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