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Broken Link Building with MajesticSEO

By Nicola Carey August 2, 2013

Broken Link Building is one of the last great white hat techniques that can be done at scale and MajesticSEO’s suite of tools is integral to this process.

Following their successful partnership with MajesticSEO to deliver the Get Links Course earlier this year, Ken McGaffin and Garrett French have developed a new video course that explains in detail how to do broken link building at scale.
The process of… Continue reading

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Actionable SEO- Site Explorer, Anchor Text Tab

By Newsroom July 23, 2013

Anchor Text

What insights does it give me?

Anchor Text is an important aspect to link building and can even affect your search rankings. Anchor Text is the human readable text that is associated with a link. It helps to describe a link to give an indication of what your site is about.

This means that Anchor Text is a great way of seeing what the web thinks… Continue reading

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SEOPros demo on Majestic SEO

By Dixon Jones July 20, 2013

This Google Hangout took a look at the features and tools on Majestic SEO as of Wednesday 17th July 2013. It starts with a little bit of flustering on my part, but once it gets going there’s quite a bit of insight in there. Check it out and let us know what you think..

Further training videos are available within the main site or via our… Continue reading

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Actionable SEO- Site Explorer Backlinks, new and lost links

By Newsroom July 19, 2013

Actionable SEO- Site Explorer Back links, New and Lost Links

Back links TabTop Backlinks

What insights does this give me?

Knowing who gives you the top back links to your site is incredibly valuable

Some back links are more influential than others and add more value to your link building efforts. Google use metrics to rank… Continue reading

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Download EVERY Back Link

By Dixon Jones June 27, 2013

Majestic Site Explorer doesn’t show you EVERY back link we know about – but we do have a report that does. This post shows how to download every backlink we know about… and even more that we didn’t.

The Download All Backlinks Report.

When you initially type in a URL into Majestic, we start in Majestic  Site Explorer, to show you the top data from a small subset of the… Continue reading

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