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Wednesday Webinar on Majestic Million

By Dixon Jones June 26, 2011

On Wednesday we will have a free webinar on the Majestic Million. To find out more and to sign up (free) just go here

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Heatmaps Training Video

By Newsroom May 11, 2011

This session looks at how we can make the most of our data presented in advanced reports to create a heatmap detailing the geographical location of our backlinks in a visual map. The video uses the gadget tools within Google Docs so ensure that you have an account set up prior to following the tutorial. We would like to thank Wiep Knol for masterminding this innovative use of… Continue reading

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Advanced Reports Tutorial

By Newsroom April 25, 2011


This Video is for archive only.

An improved and updated version is  here.


The advanced report video builds on what we have learnt in the standard reports tutorial, to make use of much more data that Majestic SEO has to offer. Essentially this allows you to analyse much more data, apply more advanced filters to your data and download every link the Majestic has crawled… Continue reading

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How to Create a Report

By Newsroom April 6, 2011

If you need more information than the Site Explorer functionality provides, you will need to create full reports. This video sets out the very basic function of how to create a report in Majestic SEO and how we navigate around the report section of the website to sort our reports in folders. The main advantages and disadvantages of creating advanced and basic reports are also discussed… Continue reading

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Site Explorer Tutorial

By Newsroom March 29, 2011

The Site Explorer is an essential analysis tool from Majestic SEO that allows users to view a wide variety of information about a websites backlink data all in one go. This tutorial video explains the functions available in the Site Explorer and an explanation of the data available to users.

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