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Using Standard Reports – Training Video

By Dixon Jones February 8, 2012

Use Majestic SEO Standard Reports for your backlink data analysis. You can learn more about our advanced reports in our other tutorial videos.

Watch our Majestic SEO Tutorials to make sure you make the most out of Majestic!

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Creating Reports – Training Video

By Dixon Jones February 6, 2012

Beyond the Site Explorer, Majestic provides subscribers with comprehensive backlink reports for any given website or URL. These reports go WAY beyond Site Explorer’s quick top line stats and let you filter and dice data just the way you want it. Below is a short video on how to create reports.

Other training videos are available here

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Using Majestic Site Explorer – Training Video

By Dixon Jones January 31, 2012

Once you have used Majestic SEO for the first time, the likelihood is that your first real use of Majestic SEO will be through the Majestic Site Explorer tool. This short training video will get you up and running in no time!

For other training videos, look at our “How To use Majestic” Vidoes page

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Free Webinar. 27th January.

By Dixon Jones January 24, 2012

On the 27th January we will have a free webinar covering how to use the Majestic Millions. If you would like to participate, here is the registration link

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Getting Started with Majestic SEO

By Dixon Jones January 23, 2012

Until you register with Majestic SEO – which is free – It is impossible to start seeing the power of the Majestic SEO data. For that reason, we have today updated our training video to show you what Majestic is all about and how to get started.

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