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Big Data Project with Aston University

By Dixon Jones September 16, 2014

majestic-black-no-marginMajestic are teaming up with Aston University and Innovation UK, (a government body), on a big data project which may bring new insight into how large companies look at their customers.

Aston University has joined forces with Majestic on this project to develop a suite of configurable tools to enhance interpretation of internet usage data.

To date, Majestic has been… Continue reading

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Society Disagrees Scotland is “Better Together”

By Dixon Jones September 10, 2014

Next week Scotland goes to the polls and for the very first time this week the BBC quoted a YouGov poll saying that the Yes campaign may just about be in the lead. Until now all the polls that I saw them reporting showed the “NO” campaign to be ahead. Everyone is saying that the vote will be close.

Majestic is a big data source which can extrapolate deep… Continue reading

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Ranking of Top Data Scientists on Twitter using MajesticSEO’s Metrics

By Neep Hazarika August 19, 2014

Who are the Most Influential Data Scientists on Twitter?

In this post, we will attempt to analyse whether the number of followers on Twitter is representative of how much influence a data scientist has on the subject. We will use the list provided by BigData-MadeSimple to conduct a study to itemize the rankings and see if there is any, if at all, relationship between the number of followers… Continue reading

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Measuring Twitter Profile Quality

By Neep Hazarika August 14, 2014

In this study conducted by Sysomos, the most active users of Twitter were classified according to the profiles based on the number of tweets. While analysing the top 25 profiles in the article, based on the highest average number of tweets per day, we discovered that many profiles simply had too few backlinks to be of a high quality, indicating that using activity alone does not… Continue reading

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PageRank, TrustFlow and the Search Universe

By Neep Hazarika July 7, 2014

Who’s Most Famous?  shutterstock_118345891

A recent research study was carried out by Young-Ho Eom of the University of Toulouse with the objective of determining the most influential person on Wikipedia. The inference was rather surprising, and at odds with the prevailing paradigm, in that it concluded that the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus was more… Continue reading

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