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Index Updates now with increased frequency

By Dixon Jones November 3, 2010

New Update of 2.7 URLs. Continue reading

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Second Index Update This Month

By Dixon Jones October 18, 2010

This afternoon we have been able to launch our second index update this month. The new index is a little short of 2.7 trillion URLs.

We are delighted that we have been able to continue updating with this increased regularity. Bringing down the turnaround time will be a major advantage for SEOs and agencies who want to be able to confidently report back to their clients more than once… Continue reading

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Index Update: 4th October – 2.6 Trillion

By Dixon Jones October 6, 2010

In all the effort that we are putting in to the new site design (available to view in beta), we reported the new index update on the main site but I am only just getting around to posting it here – for any of you using RSS feeds to keep a track of updates. I hope you won’t mind the slight delay there!

The new update was… Continue reading

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New Index Turn Around In 16 days

By Dixon Jones September 20, 2010

We are today announcing another new update. This is our second this month and the team worked hard to turn it around in record time – just 16 days.

Why is this cool?

A year ago, it was taking us at least six weeks between creating a “stop” point for the crawl, and then running the program to build the index. Yes – it was taking six weeks… Continue reading

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New Index Update

By Dixon Jones September 4, 2010

Yesterday we updated out index, with a total index now of 2.4 trillion URLs. If you are looking for newer data, go into your “options” panel on any advanced report and select “force new analysis”… Continue reading

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