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New Index Update in under 30 days with new Bells & Whistles

By Dixon Jones May 13, 2010

We’ve just updated our index and wanted to clarify a few numbers that tend to fly around. We do have a VERY large index.

So where are we now?

We now know about, of 1.8 Trillion urls on the Internet.

Of those URLs,we have crawled 202 billion unique pages of data. Nearly 10 billion of these were crawled since our last update less than a month ago… Continue reading

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Backlink Checker now by Class C, EDU/GOV and more (and still free)

By Dixon Jones April 22, 2010

Finding backlink counts from referring Educational or Governemnt domains used to hard. Finding backlink counts by Class C subnets was virtually impossible without writing our own scripts… so we have simplified the process using the Top Baclinks Database. Continue reading

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Majestic comes top of “secret” poll

By Dixon Jones April 16, 2010

A while back, Garret French interviewed a bunch of link builders. It was part survey, part questions.

What he didn’t tell us was that one of the questions would end up as a “poll” of the most important link building tools according to those experts. Now of course I put MajesticSEO on my list, but I am delighted to say that so did a full 50% of… Continue reading

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Visualizing Anchor Text Case Study

By Dixon Jones March 31, 2010

Last month I did a rather brief post on visualizing anchor text. It was a developing idea, but found that just cannot deal with the level of data MajesticSEO has, so I thought I would revisit both the theory and look at a better tool for doing this. At the same time, I wanted to highlight how powerful it can be for demonstrating SEO and link development principals… Continue reading

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Improving The User Interface, Step by Step

By Dixon Jones March 17, 2010

We have made some more changes to our user interface, taking it a step closer to usable.

Most of the changes this time, you will only see if you are a registered user, with access to the control panel. From the control panel you have access to all your anchor text reports. We previously had set up folders to let you better organize the reports, but we have now… Continue reading

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