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Why are Majestic Backlink counts Bigger?

By Steve Pitchford January 14, 2011

We have had a few support calls asking us why our backlink counts are different to other providers and search engines. The purpose of this post is to explain the potential difference in link counts.

Firstly and most importantly, most of the major backlinks providers and search engines run their own crawler. Our crawler is independent of the others, and has its own set of rules ( algorithms )… Continue reading

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Standard Rate Of VAT Increase To 20 Per Cent

By Alex January 4, 2011

Dear customers,

The United Kingdom’s Government made decision to increase standard rate of VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent on 4 January 2011 (see more from the source). This tax only applies to sales made to European Union based individuals and companies that are not VAT registered. All other countries such as the United States of America are unaffected.

Our existing web customers who… Continue reading

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Second Index Update For December 2010

By Alex December 30, 2010

We’ve released our new index update with data up to 16th of December 2010. You might notice that search results as well as reports will have fresher dates on backlinks – this is result of our new recrawl strategy that we put in place last month. The higher the ACRank of the URL the more frequently it will be recrawled, we also give priority to homepages and subdomains in our… Continue reading

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Using Clique Hunter Part 1

By Dixon Jones December 30, 2010

Clique Hunter helps you find the links that your competitors are using to get their rankings. This presentation has sound, although you can follow the presentation in full screen mode without sound if you prefer.

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Using Clique Hunter Presentation

By Dixon Jones December 23, 2010

Last month’s webinar showed users how to use Clique Hunter – but the recording was not very satisfactory. Therefore I have put together this Using Clique Hunter presentation.

If you like this layout, let us know and we will look at using this method to develop other tutorials along similar lines.

(ADDED: Part 2 is now here)

Other tutorials are available… Continue reading

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