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Alttext Flag – A discussion

By Steve Pitchford July 8, 2011

Its new recruit time at Majestic, and one of the many questions they have asked this week is for a proper explanation of the “Alttext flag”, as shown below:

Illustration of Alttext flag on a Standard ReportWe felt it might be appropriate to share the description with a wider audience.

Below is an illustration of the html… Continue reading

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Terms and Conditions update

By Dixon Jones July 6, 2011

Although nobody in the European Union seems to be taking it too seriously, the law has recently changed regarding the use of cookies and other privacy issues. Nobody is quite sure how to abide by the law without destroying their businesses and my colleagues Brian Clifton and Vicky Brock are having great fun trying to make sense of it all. Vicky even invoked the freedom of information act to… Continue reading

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Majestic Million – Reloaded!

By Steve Pitchford June 23, 2011

When we launched the Majestic Million on a public beta, we had a simple mission – to determine if referring domain count was a viable measure of a websites popularity. Whilst there were one or two anomalies, at the start the data appeared to provide an illustration of how referring domains may be representative of a domains popularity.

We have kept our eye on the statistics, and… Continue reading

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Historic Backlinks Index Update

By Alex June 14, 2011

Today we’ve updated our Historic backlinks index, stats are as follows: 350,429,550,018 unique pages crawled 3,458,657,690,046 unique URLs in total. All fresh data crawled in period up to 31 May 2011 was added to this update… Continue reading

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Analyzing Effects Like Panda

By Dixon Jones June 13, 2011

In Munich last week and Poland this week, I am talking about analyzing effects like Panda. For completeness I am attaching the presentation here, although attending the session helps a but to make sense of the presentation.


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