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How crawler issues can affect your SEO

By Dixon Jones October 3, 2012

At SMX East in New York yesterday, we had a near full house for the SEO Metrics session. Here is the presentation.

The short summary:
Check your site can handle the bandwidth, otherwise you are NOT optimised for search! Continue reading

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New Podcast-Link Tracking day by day

By Chloe September 27, 2012

New Podcast available on Web Master Radio with our very own Dixon Jones talks about how to track links day by day, and what will change in search in 2013 as Dixon welcomes Sören Bendig, the CEO of SEOlytics… Continue reading

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New/lost links and Anchor Text Tab

By Chloe September 14, 2012


Today at Majestic we are announcing some great improvements to our Site Explorer tool and some usability enhancements due to go live early next week.

We are introducing three new tabs for Site Explorer, an Anchor Text tab as well as a New links and a Lost links tab. These are the link tracking tools that everyone has been waiting to… Continue reading

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Actionable Insights: Find Backlinks Using Clique Hunter

By Chloe August 30, 2012

Clique Hunter is a useful tool in order to help you with link building and can show the sites are linking to your competitors that aren’t linking to you, and giving you a potential list of websites that you can target for your link building. In this post I will show you how you can use the Clique Hunter tool and manipulate the data in order to get this list… Continue reading

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Historic Index Update

By Alex August 29, 2012

We now have the Historic Index Update for this month so that it now contains link data all the way from 30 Dec 2006 to 31 Jul 2012. The vital statistics as of today are:

Unique pages crawled: 381,918,900,955
Unique URLs: 3,918,860,182,616… Continue reading

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