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Analyzing Effects Like Panda

By Dixon Jones June 13, 2011

In Munich last week and Poland this week, I am talking about analyzing effects like Panda. For completeness I am attaching the presentation here, although attending the session helps a but to make sense of the presentation.


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Celebrating 5 Years Worth Of Data!

By Alex June 7, 2011

Today we celebrate 5 full years worth of data in our index – that’s right, the earlier backlink date that is included in our index is 6 June 2006 and with today’s fresh index update we’ve got to 5 years mark!

During this time we saw many amazing sites appearing out of nowhere and growing like crazy… Continue reading

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Historic Backlinks Index Update

By Alex June 2, 2011

Today we’ve updated our Historic backlinks index, stats are as follows: 349,488,901,604 unique pages crawled 3,444,793,603,098 unique URLs in total. All fresh data crawled in period up to 20 May 2011 was added to this update… Continue reading

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Example Of How To Make A Targeted Site Go Viral

By Alex June 1, 2011

Yesterday our attention was caught by a story on BBC News about a controversial site offering it’s own unique version of an Alternative Vote to rank Members of Parliament (MPs) in order of preference…

Naturally our interest was purely professional (well, mostly!) – how long did it take for this site to get so known that mainstream media like BBC started reporting about it, and most importantly… Continue reading

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Which Report Is Right For You?

By Dixon Jones May 30, 2011

I noticed over the last few days that we made our backlink referring domain graphic a lot prettier. Below is the graphic today for Search Engine Watch:

Referring domain chart for Search Engine Watch

Much prettier! The chart just shows the top five referring domains, but drilling down in the Top Backlinks report… Continue reading

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