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Clique Hunter Tutorial

By Newsroom August 21, 2013

During our Site Explorer release, we indicated that we may have launched some other functionality not mentioned in that post. By way of a further clue, here is a tutorial on “Clique Hunter”. This tool finds Co-citation between cites. In other words, it can find authority cites within any vertical, by finding domains that link to multiple sites within that vertical.

Welcome to the Majestic SEO Clique… Continue reading

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Free training at Majestic SEO

By Nicola Carey August 19, 2013

majesticseo-logo-black-white-mediumAt Majestic SEO, our customers’ satisfaction is a high priority so we now are offering live, web based walkthroughs of our system for anyone who currently has a good internet connection and a free, or above, Majestic SEO subscription.

To take advantage of our offer and to schedule a walkthrough please contact with your name, location and a preferred… Continue reading

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Majestic SEO Integrates with PIWIK Analytics

By Dixon Jones August 14, 2013

You can now see Majestic SEO link count data within Piwik, the open source web analytics tool which seems to be emerging as the only viable alternative to Google Analytics. Here’s a screenshot of our integration from the beta (so excuse the zeros).

Why Piwik?

Majestic SEO chose to avoid Google Analytics from the beginning for their own website. Not because we don’t like… Continue reading

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Historic Index Update

By Alex August 13, 2013

We have now updated our Historic Index with data for start of May 2013. Here are the new stats:

Unique Pages crawled: 523,271,474,398

Unique URLs: 2,052,906,925,218

Date range: 09 Dec 2007 to 10 Jul 2013… Continue reading

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Security Announcement

By Newsroom August 8, 2013

If you have never opted in to our monthly newsletter, this will not affect you. If you have opted in to our monthly newsletter, then you should read this.

A third party newsletter software used to manage our monthly newsletter has been the subject of a cyber attack. After our last newsletter, two users reported that they had started to receive unsolicited emails using email addresses only used with… Continue reading

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