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Power User Tips: Customising your Majestic

By Limsan Boulter August 26, 2014

Everyone uses Majestic slightly differently. Different users require different tools, different data and have different priorities. By changing your settings, you can customise your account personal to you, making Majestic even easier to use in your day to day.

The Settings can be found when you hover over your account name.

Image 1: Homepage

The first option you see will be the action that happens when you click on a link within our site. By default the action is Go to Website, which of course takes you to that URL. Very useful, however, it does open the link within the same tab. So to automatically have it open in a new tab, make sure that the box is ticked.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to visit the sites at all. You want to know our take on the site. Simply set the action to be Open in Site Explorer to immediately take that particular URL into our most utilized tool and check out their backlink profile. Want to go deeper? Change the action to Create an Advanced Report. Again, if you wish for these actions to happen in a new tab, make sure that box is ticked!

Image 2: Settings

Image 2: Settings

Seeing as the Site Explorer is one of the most used tools, you may want to set out some options that make work easier for you. A few of the options are simple changes, such as if you prefer radio button or a drop down menu, automatically showing or hiding any deleted links within the Backlinks tab, how many Referring Domains you wish to see in the Map or if you would like to Clean all Anchor text of punctuation from your results.

In the Referring Domains tab there are very useful drop down menus that you can change depending on what you are looking for within that specific list. Do you find you are always changing the tabs to the same options? Easily set it so that whenever you open this tab, the order is automatically saved and is done for you.

We put in a simple prompt bar if you are using the Site Explorer within the Sub Domain level. This bar notifies you with the number of links found at a Root Domain level. This can show you that there may be some important links that are not being shown. If you would like to switch this useful hint off, just untick the box.

Do you find that you use some specific tabs more than others? Change the ordering depending on your work priorities.

Image 3: Site Explorer Settings

Image 3: Site Explorer Settings

A few Power User Tips posts ago, we spoke about the Advanced Report Analysis Options. These convenient filtering options can help you dig deeper into your analysis. Within the Settings, you can set some automatic default Analysis Options. Only interested in live links? Want to only see links with a Trust flow of at least 20? Not too concerned about anchor text containing www? Set these options your way so you always get it just right.

Image 4: Advanced Reports Settings

Image 4: Advanced Reports Settings

The Toolbar icons can make your work flow quicker – shown at the very top of the site, available all the time. Choose what you see between Reports, Downloads, your Bucket and Messages with these tick boxes.

Image 5: Toolbar Settings

Image 5: Toolbar Settings

You may have noticed that we have now begun to remember what you have previously searched for while you are logged in. Your Search History can be found under the account name. This can be a really helpful feature especially if you are always analysing the same websites. Turn this function on or off by using the tick box.

Image 6: Recent Searches

Image 6: Recent Searches

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Search, Social and Content Interplay

By Dixon Jones August 21, 2014

I have a bit of spare time at a busy conference at share 14 – so I thought I would stop in on this session, involving Bing, Facebook and Twitter amongst the speakers. Since I am here, it seems rude not to share their secrets!

Screenshot 2014-08-21 14.38.27Duane Forrester (Bing)

Duane is Bing’s search evangelist. He started… Continue reading

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Power User Tips: Shortcuts when using our tools

By Limsan Boulter August 12, 2014

Ever wondered what that little gear icon next to your backlinks actually does? Wonder no more! The gear icon is designed to help you take specific domains or URLs through to a different tool without having to stop what you are doing, exit the current tool, then find the new tool to use and so on. The gear is there to help you quickly and easily move through our wide… Continue reading

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We’re attending ClickZ Live San Francisco

By Nicola Carey August 7, 2014

ClickZ Live San Francisco | August 11-14, 2014
Next week Majestic, and specifically our US Brand Ambassador, Mel Carson will take to the skies and head to ClickZ Live San Francisco – a premier digital marketing event on the West Coast. The… Continue reading

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Compare against competitors in a whole new way!

By Limsan Boulter August 6, 2014

One of the big advantages of Majestic is that we can show you an analysis of your competitor’s backlink information. How? Either through the Site Explorer, within the reports, or via a number of our tools. Tools such as the Backlink History, Comparator and Clique Hunter to name a few!

Our newest update is designed to help you complete your comparative analysis much faster and easier as we have… Continue reading

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