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MajesticSEO Nominated for New Technology of the Year

By Newsroom January 28, 2013

DAA Logo

The Digital Analytics Association aims to recognise and award those individuals along with groups who have made a significant contribution to the industry as a whole. The Association emerged from the Web Analytics Association (WAA) and is on its third year running. To celebrate the hard work and initiative of Digital Marketing professionals, the award ceremony will… Continue reading

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It’s all the Rave

By Dixon Jones January 7, 2013

Just before Christmas, Majestic launched their Chrome Extension. Looking at the first 21 reviews in English, the vast majority liked it and it seems that the rest did not have subscriptions with Majestic. Have you tried it yet? If you are enjoying it, please rate it and help tell other web business users.

We are looking at the suggestions and if you wish to give feedback privately you… Continue reading

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Using Majestic to evaluate a data source

By Dixon Jones October 31, 2012

Today we caught our lead developer using Majestic to assess whether a snippet of library code was worth considering.

Bet you didn’t think to use Majestic for that did you?

The Situation

We were looking at an “Upload your CSV” routine, where a user can bulk check a list of URLs to look at our Flow Metrics, link counts and other data. It was all going swimmingly until marketing… Continue reading

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Can Majestic SEO call the US Election?

By Dixon Jones October 22, 2012

There is more than one way to do a poll.

The US  Presidential elections… according to the Gallups and the Yougovs are swings and roundabouts or neck and neck… but link domain stats suggest a landslide win for…

Well read on…

Some time back, Majestic SEO found a great correlation between links to a political candidate’s official page and the result. Well something really… Continue reading

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Majestic SEO finds the Stolen Monet!

By Steve Pitchford October 16, 2012

Well, links to it anyway.

This afternoon, Yahoo broke the story of stolen artwork from a Dutch Museum – these screenshots were taken just 1 hour 58 minutes after the stated release time of the page.

Majestic SEO Site explorer, following the super fresh release is currently acting like a good… Continue reading

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