Broken Link Building with Majestic

By Nicola Carey October 1, 2014

Please note this is an updated article from last August as since the post was originally published, links have been updated. 

Broken Link Building is one of the last great white hat techniques that can be done at scale and Majestic’s suite of tools are integral to this process.

The process of broken link building is simple:
•    You find resource pages with broken links
•    You contact the webmaster and suggest an alternative
•    If they like your suggestion, you’ll get a link in return.
It stands out as a tactic because by pointing out the link and suggesting a viable alternative you’re doing your prospect a favour, even with your first pitch email.

In this video, Ken McGaffin of and Garrett French of explain how Majestic tools are at the heart of the process:

Highlights of this 9-minute video include:
•    How to prospect for broken link opportunities using crawl results (at 00.32)
•    How to use the bulk backlinks tool to prioritize broken link prospects (at 4.30)
•    Why dead domains are golden nuggets for broken link builders (at 6.35)

Broken link building is a straightforward and rewarding process suitable for in-house teams, agencies and solo SEOs. It is an underused strategy so there are great links to be had. As Garrett says, “If you’re not doing broken link building, you’re leaving links on the table”.

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By Newsroom September 29, 2014

As we prepare for our migration from MajesticSEO to Majestic, we have changed our twitter handle to @tryMajestic;

@tryMajestic (Click to tell people)


Does that mean I need to unfollow MajesticSEO?

No! We have migrated all of our followers directly over to the new handle. If you followed MajesticSEO before, you are already following @tryMajestic. We have a holding page for anyone still mentioning @MajesticSEO, but don’t… Continue reading

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Comparing the Comparators

By Dixon Jones September 25, 2014

Majestic has analyzed the major comparison websites in the UK, following the revelation that the Competition and Markets authority are to overhaul the industry. We have compared the entire sector so that you can analyze their relative market share! We have compared well over 50 of them in the Interactive Infographic below. Click around and see what you find.

Here’s what we have come out with… Continue reading

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OMCap 2014 starts on the 7th October

By Aminur Rashid September 24, 2014


Our new German Ambassador Andre Alpar has been part of the marketing and SEO world for a number of years. For the third year running he is organising the OMCap conference in Berlin which is due to take place between the 7th and 9th October in Berlin. The conference which attracts a range of high-profile international speakers is… Continue reading

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New Historic Index for September

By Dixon Jones September 22, 2014

Majestic has now launched a new Historic Index for September.

Here is the stats for the Historic Index:

Historic Index

Unique URLs crawled:

Unique URLs found:

Date range:
19 Jan 2009 to 22 Aug 2014

Last updated:
18 Sep 2014

What Happened to August?

The very observant of you may… Continue reading

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